Digital Photography - Self Portraits by Ronald J. Saunders
Ronald J. Saunders with Katana Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait
Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait
Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait Ronald J. Saunders - a self portrait
copyright 2007 Ronald J. Saunders
These images are self portraits of Ronald J. Saunders taken in January and February of 2007. Ron took the photos for a project that was being done in Taiwan. As part of the effort he also experimented with lighting to capture the images of the strobe while it was actually triggering and to capture image with a sword that show the details of the Hamon (temperline waves) without reflections. Descriptions of each image are shown below and correspond to right to left and top to bottom photographs.
1. The first image shown of Ron Saunders with a Katana is rendered in back and white using a conventional imaging software. Several shots were necessary to get the desired effect of the sword. The only difficulty that Ron reported was keeping his tuxedo bow tie straight between shots. It is the one point that he freely admits as never being mastered. Ron Saunders with a Japanese Katana sword.
2. The second shot shown is Ron Saunders with a dark hat having a light colored logo. The hat was chosen because of Ron's association with the American International News Service of which he is a member. Hats often at some interest portrait photographs as long as they do not detract from the subject. A self portrait of Ronald. J. Saunders
3. The third photograph of Ron Saunders is a self portrait in a very relaxed style. Using the hand or fist to lean on is not necessarily encouraged, but he wanted to try it anyway. Having fun with self portraits includes breaking the conventional methods. Ron Saunders in a relaxed posing style.
4. This shot is similar to the second one shown above. In this shot Ron Saunders has adjusted the lighting and the angle of the face and eyes to project a different look to the photograph.
5. The fifth shot was taken to capture the formal mood of the photographer in a setting that would would relate to a studio setting and to photography itself. In this case Ron Saunders used a real light as the prop and adjusted the angle of the light just to pick up enough light to make it look like a continuous light. The light is actually a strobe with barndoors and a honey comb modifier. The light was triggered by the main flash.
6. The sixth photograph and self portrait of Ronald. J. Saunders is the original shot, prior to conversion to black and white, that you saw in the first photograph.
7. At last, a self portrait of Ron Saunders between wardrobes.
8. A self portrait image of Ronald. J. Saunders wearing a nice Australian cowboy hat. Notice how the change of the prop hat can change the image mood. The photograph was taken with a single monolight with barndoors and a honeycomb.
Copyright 2007 Ronald J. Saunders